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So happy with continued hygiene care with their staff (Shawna is awesome). Dr. Merrill is such a caring and personable dentist. We’ve enjoyed getting to know him. He’s already become a community supporter. He likes talking sports and family with us. Thank you Tyee Dental for your caring spirit. - Marjean A.
All of the staff are now, and have always been, exceptional. Starting with Dr. Moody in 1993 and now with Dr. Merrell, I couldn't imagine a better dental office and staff. I will continue to recommend your office for the best possible care. Thanks! - David T.
Dr. Josh Merrill is a new dentist here in Tumwater/Olympia WA. He bought Dr. Moody’s practice so frankly I inherited Dr. Merrill. (or he inherited me). Unfortunately (and fortunately) Dr. Merrill has worked on my teeth. I’m very pleased with his service. He’s very friendly, like able and professional. I recommend his services. - Ella B.
This clinic and dentist treated me so well I was astonished and greatly appreciated all their skill and care! - Lainie H.
Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff. Staff are very attentive, reassuring, and readily answers any questions you may have. - Jeffrey C.
The office gave me a very safe procedure. I am pleased with the service. - Paul S.
At all times professional, patient focused, friendly. Use updated techniques and equipment. Impressed with how practice has responded to Covid 19 safety practices. - N. S.
LOVED the new suction thing they use to suck out your saliva, no more drooling 🤤 or gagging on your spit.😊 If you haven't been to the Dentist lately I highly recommend Tyee Dental, Dr. Merrell and his Staff are amazing! - Louise S.
Professional, Friendly, a Great staff and Dentist! I highly recommend. - Denny C.
The staff is amazing and very kind. I am terrified of the dentist and they made me feel very comfortable highly recommend this dentist. - Lisa F.