Night Guards

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Bruxism Protection in Lacey, WA

Dental Night Guards Lacey, WA - Tyee DentalNight guards are extremely useful appliances that can protect against the effects of teeth grinding as well as help with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) – or jaw – issues. Night guards from Tyee Dental are never off-the-shelf. Instead, they are custom-fabricated appliances that are made for your individual mouth.

Teeth Grinding

Nocturnal teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a problem for many patients. Whether caused by stress or other factors, bruxism can wear down or even crack your teeth. The molars are particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, chronic teeth grinding can lead to TMJ problems.

A night guard will absorb the pressure of teeth grinding during sleep, protecting your teeth and jaws. If you awaken with teeth, mouth, or jaw pain, let us know right away. You may need a night guard.

TMJ Problems

A night guard can also help protect you from jaw problems resulting from a variety of causes. Jaw popping, clicking, catching, locking, soreness, and pain are all possible symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD. If left untreated, this syndrome can eventually progress to the point that it interferes with speaking and chewing.

Call us at (360) 352-5100 immediately if you notice any of the signs above. We can help with expert diagnosis and night guard treatment.