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They can come on suddenly and, seemingly, for no reason. Toothaches can become one of the most painful things a person can experience. Whether it’s a cavity that you were never able to take care of, or a tooth that just started hurting, toothaches are a serious issue and can lead to serious consequences. Often what seems like a little tooth ache can turn into a large infection that becomes very painful.

To avoid such situations, the most important thing to do is to see your dentist regularly. Through X-rays and a clinical exam, your dentist will be able to catch things early before they have the chance to become painful and more expensive in the future. At Tyee Dental we really strive to treat problems when they’re small, easy to treat, and relatively inexpensive for the patient.

If you do find you are having a toothache, the best thing to do is call a dentist immediately. Like many offices, Tyee Dental always tries to see emergency patients the same day if they call during hours we are open. Your dentist will listen to your concerns, test the tooth, and take an X-ray. Relieving

your pain is always a top priority, but it may take a few visits to completely resolve your issue.

So if you find yourself always a little hesitant to eat ice cream or drink coffee because of that one tooth that has been bugging you, or if you find yourself in extreme pain, give your dentist a call!

Tyee Dental always welcomes your phone call or you can schedule online!



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