Emergency Dental Care

Dentist Lacey

Emergency Dentistry in Lacey, WA

Emergency Dentist in Lacey, WA - Tyee Dental - Root Canals, Tooth ExtractionsWe never want any of our patients to be in pain or distress. We also realize that emergencies in Tumwater cannot be scheduled. So, we offer same-day treatment when possible in the form of root canals and tooth extractions. Simply give us a call at (360) 352-5100, and we will see you as soon as possible for urgent treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal may sound frightening, but the modern procedure is often quite comfortable. Dr. Merrell performs root canals to save infected or severely damaged teeth. Using anesthetic, he cleans the interior canal of the tooth and then reseals it. The results are that you get to keep your natural tooth, infection is stopped, and your pain is relieved.

Tooth Extractions

There are times when a tooth is too far gone to be saved. An extraction – or pulling – is necessary in these situations. You will receive numbing medication before Dr. Merrell extracts your tooth quickly and skillfully. An extraction can relieve a painful toothache, and we have several options for tooth replacement after the procedure.