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Dental Crowns in Lacey, WA - Tyee DentalDental crowns are extremely widespread. When a tooth threatens to break or crack from decay or trauma, a crown can save the tooth. A crown is a restoration that envelops the complete “white” part of the tooth that protrudes above the gumline. Crowns protect teeth from additional damage and provide reinforcement to compromised teeth.

Damaged or decayed teeth are often unattractive. Such teeth may have several fillings, suffer from chips, or even be discolored. Crowns cover these teeth, presenting a natural and attractive appearance. In essence, crowns are both functional and aesthetic.

We use a strong Zirconia material that matches the shade of your teeth for most crowns at Tyee Dental. However, for cosmetic crowns, we offer E-MAX. This material is still strong and durable but is also semi-translucent for an incredibly natural appearance. Please contact us at (360) 352-5100 now for your appointment or to learn more about your crown options.